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Consultancy and content creation for teams targeting English-speaking markets

English Language Optimisation

When communicating between cultures, even if your English writing is technically perfect, your message may still not get through. We adjust written content for inter-cultural and audience differences.

Create blog article

We help define the subject, approach and structure. Then we research and write the article for you. We work flexibly so you can be closely involved or completely "hands off". Either way, you'll get a great result that's perfect for Medium or any blog network.

Improve website written content

We take your goals and reshape the language of your site, using a form of words and style that will produce results. Your site’s new content will be engaging and crystal-clear, with a well-organised hierarchy of messages. A big difference will be felt by your users straight away!

Write social/email campaign narratives

Social media posts, press releases, blog updates and email newsletters to help move your campaign forwards. Each narrative is written so it fits the relationship-building approach you prefer. The result? An engaged and motivated target audience!

Improve white-paper or ebook

Writing to share your ideas and research, or to generate wider awareness of your activities? We make sure your audience get the full value and enjoys the reading experience. This service is useful whenever you create white-papers, ebooks or research manuscripts.

Create or improve slide presentation

Build your slide presentation from a written outline or improve the one you’ve already got. We make sure the sequence suits your objective, do the research, write memorable key messages and info for each slide, check the language is concise and then integrate branding and spot where visuals would work better than text.

And There's More


  • Review: we get familiar with your existing communications strategy
  • Appraisal: what’s working and what can be improvement, with examples
  • Advice: we describe the actions needed to deliver improvement
  • Also branding with words: we develop key messages and a communication style that works for you and your audience

Development Support

  • UX Writing: We develop consistent, strongly communicative UI terminology; clear, concise user messages. Most importantly, we make it feel human!
  • Build a dialogue: chatbot voice scripts that strike the right balance between brevity and building good relations, informality and respect


  • Teaser and Explainer video script development: We write scripts for these most frequently used video formats

About Us

Drawn to living in Krakow, we are a group of native English speakers and writers with a unique experience and skill set. We offer our abilities to you as Native Speaker Communications: crafting messages for Polish businesses so you can communicate in written English as fluently as a native speaker.


Native English speaker, writer and communications expert with 24 years in business - crafting communications for enterprise and entertainment. Finder of solutions.


Scotia is from Vancouver, Canada, where she graduated with first class honours in English literature. Now based in Krakow, she translates for many Polish cultural institutions and publishing houses. She knows Polish-English translation inside and out.


US English native speaker, blogger and proof-reader. At Native Speaker Communications Paul's focus is on new business development. Networker extraordinaire.

Customer Testimonials

Nick helped me to prepare a great business presentation. It ended up polished and in natural-sounding native English. We’d also figured out how to make the communication come across accurately and with impact. Now it sounds professional! I would definitely recommend working with him.


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