Ever find yourself thinking this?…

Many people seem unclear about what our business does. We want everyone to comprehend clearly so they can understand its value.

It’s time to leave copy-cat marketing behind and clearly differentiate our offer. We need help to make that happen.

We’re new in this market and unfamiliar with the way people communicate here.

Our customers think we’re competent but impersonal. We’d like them to view us as approachable, capable and friendly.

Yes? Then read on…

What we do

Native Speaker Communications provides tailor-made, human-centric communications for businesses and organisations. Our goal is to help you develop long-term, fruitful relationships with your customers, partners and target audience groups.

We sculpt a distinctive approach to communication then put that to work for you as custom-crafted content.

When and why

Our partnership is essential when you face any of the following challenges:

  • Engaging with an unfamiliar audience or customer group
  • Overcoming cultural barriers
  • Launching a new product or service
  • Improving your customer’s experience
  • Differentiating, pivoting or diversifying
  • Fundraising
  • Solving a critical issue, such as building trust when feelings of trust have been undermined.


The benefits of human-centric communications include:

  • Routinely attract highly qualified visitors
  • Keep their attention over time
  • A healthy customer lifetime value
  • See greatly improved word-of-mouth, reviews and referrals.

In short, human-centric communications move your customers and audiences through the ‘know-like-trust’ journey with clarity and purpose.

Our services


Inter-cultural communications – dissolve cultural barriers

Business storytelling – engaging content that starts conversations

Branding in words – a distinctive, relatable tone for all your communications

Build relationships – inspire and move people to stay connected

Solve specific problems – overcome an obstructing issue

Productization – make a service or process more accessible.

Content creation:

Create messages and descriptions that are uniquely yours

Transform your website’s content so it communicates at a whole new level

Business narratives for social media, press releases, email marketing campaigns

Create a powerful new slide presentation or upgrade an existing pitch/sales deck

Also: video scripts, UI/UX writing for software products, business plans, white papers, internal training materials and workshops.

Let’s talk…

Feel free to get in touch if you have further questions, to arrange a call to discuss your needs or have an offer of work sent to you.

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