We Don’t Speak To Our Parents The Same Way We Do Our Friends (English Language Optimisation in Business)

Are English-speaking markets important for your business or organisation? Then this short article on content writing across different cultures and audiences is for you.

When communicating between cultures, even if your English writing is technically perfect, your message may still not get through. There are other factors involved, as well as linguistic correctness.

We don’t speak to our parents the same way we do with our friends. So, when talking with an audience group you’ve selected, it is advisable to take into account who they are and the type of relationship you want to create.

You may translate a word or sentence, and its direct meaning may match your intention. However, what about the associations that arise when people from another culture read your words? Unintended meanings and unhelpful mental images will often appear in the readers’ thoughts.

At Native Speaker Communications, we offer an ‘English Language Optimisation’ service to adjust written English for inter-cultural and audience differences. That service consists of:

  • Learning about the communications you create (you, your target audience, the relationship you want to build, your written content, your communication channels)
  • Appraisal (what already works, what could be improved, the actions we recommend)
  • Adjust the content and style of delivery for intercultural and audience differences (specially focussed proofreading and copy re-writing, either for just the key messages or the entire content).

After we’ve optimised your content, it will be both culturally adjusted and audience attuned!

English Language Optimisation is a featured component of all the services we offer, including:

  • Blog article creation
  • Improve website content
  • Write social/email campaign narratives
  • Improve white-paper or ebook
  • Create or improve slide presentation
  • Chatbot dialogue & UX writing
  • Teaser and explainer video script writing.

Please contact us if you think we may be able to support your content creation… via LinkedIn message or email: hello@native-speaker.biz. We’re here to help!

Get closer than ever to your English-speaking customers.

Photo: “Talk To Me” by Daniel Altherr.

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