Our Process – An Infographic

This infographic explains Native Speaker Communication’s process in an easy-to-absorb visual form. Until recently, our clients asked that all aspects above are applied when we review their written English material. Then a lawyer came and asked us to check the trademark¬†defence document she’d put together for clarity and correctness. No problem! This process is straightforward¬†to customise to each new client’s circumstances and goals. SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

Improving The Message Of A Business Document

In this example, our customer was a senior web developer seeking to reduce his workload when reviewing potential new projects. The document he intended making use of to achieve greater efficiency had to be super-clear… It’s main task was to filter out unsuitable clients, usually people who were not willing to pay senior developer rates and/or accept a senior developer working remotely. There was a good chance this document’s message may have come across as rude! But, with Native...